Telluric (5LP) - Matt Corby

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**5LP 45 RPM, Compilation, Special Edition Box Set**

The definition of Telluric is 'of the earth', terrestrial. It’s the concept that runs through the record, the idea that through nature and human activity we are all connected.

Telluric is Matt Corby's highly anticipated debut album, and features ‘Sooth Lady Wine’. The song outlines Matt’s incredible ear not only for a melody, but his ability to mix gritty vocals with smooth synths and jazz laden beats. Telluric will feature ‘Sooth Lady Wine’ and the soulful and spine-tingling gospel song, ‘Monday’.

Telluric in itself is a perfect reflection of Matt’s state of mind during the making of this record – starting out frustrated and angry, and working through his demons with stony grit and determination.  Delving a little deeper, and a little darker, Matt spent the past few years in home studios all over the world, ending up in a cottage in rural NSW Australia where he wrote, recorded and produced the album.

He originally wrote his debut album two years ago in Los Angeles, but disliking the results he scrapped the entire thing. His aim was to become self-sufficient in every aspect of the recording process – this wasn’t just a means of regaining control, but salvaging his confidence which had reached rock bottom. He wanted to know he was good enough to make his debut record.

“I recorded an album two years ago that I didn’t like. For a lot of reasons I wouldn’t release it. It took me a year and a half to clear my head of everything that happened, accept my failures, reboot and have the balls to do it again.”

The wide variety of influences found within this record is rather astounding, ranging from the gospel tinged pounding drums of ‘Monday’ to the dark, growling vocals of ‘Wrong Man’. The result is a self-soothing and startlingly mature record, allowing Matt to finally feel comfortable in his own skin.

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