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**Limited clear vinyl**

On their fifth studio album, Suuns sound like they're on autopilot, and while this still results in a trippy experience, it's also a cause for concern; weirdo art rock has never sounded so uninspired. It's a bit of a shame that the record is so half-baked, but somewhat predictable as their creativity has been slowly waning with each new album. Comparing the bombast of "Armed for Peace," the opening number on their debut album, Zeroes QC, with Felt's deteriorated first track, "Look No Further," exemplifies how weary and underwhelming they've become. For the most part, the rest of the record does little to persuade that the ideas are still flowing. "Watch You, Watch Me" could be considered OK if it didn't feel like a combination of Radiohead influences, specifically Thom Yorke's vocals from Kid A and Philip Selway's drumming on The King of Limbs. The same could be said for "Baseline" if not for two issues: first, naming a track after a pun of its most prominent feature feels redundant; and second, to add insult, said bass shares major similarities with the Horrors' "Sea Within a Sea." The tracks that fall flattest are the ones with lots of space and slower pacing; on previous albums they've often been hauntingly beautiful, but here they just seem aimless. Unfortunately, they dominate the track list, reaching peak indifference by "Moonbeams," the most distorted lo-fi track Suuns have ever accomplished. The contrast is made ever starker by the inclusion of "Make It Real," a brief glimpse of just how good Suuns can sound when they apply themselves to genuine songwriting; it's truly a diamond in the rough, shining a harsh light on everything else around it.

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