Strange Things: 1970 - 1974 (2LP)

The 4th ComingSKU: NA 5124



SLEEVE: NM-  MEDIA: NM   YEAR: 2015   ORIGIN: US   EXTRAS: Still in sleeve

Eccentric soul and funk recordings from an unlikely crew of Los Angeles musical misfits including psych-rock cult figure John Greek (Reachin Arcesia, Beautiful Daze) and members of the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band.

They had a catchy, but inappropriate name: there is nothing forthcoming about Los Angeles 4th Coming, unless one counts a copious amount of releases on rare 7" singles that didn't sell farther than vocalist/principal Henry "Hank" Porter's Datsun 1200 could take him.

This, the album Williams and Firth always hoped would bring them real success, now sees its complete release and allows us to ponder the might-have and the would-have beens had a 4th Coming album come together in the mid- 70s.

 From booklet: "The master tapes for all 4th Coming's rare 45 releases have long been lost, so we at Now-Again Records worked diligently to restore, remaster and present this anthology. In the case of some songs, you will hear audio imperfections: these exist on the original vinyl. The engineers at Elysian Masters worked painstakingly to remove any audio imperfections by hand so as to not leave digital artifacts that would detract from hearing this album close to its originally released for as possible"


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