Space Between Us (2LP)

FortebaSKU: PLAC 048-3



SLEEVE: NM-  MEDIA: NM-  YEAR: 2007   ORIGIN: Germany   EXTRAS: Only pressing

Hungarian-born Forteba began as an electronic music producer at the age of eighteen, blending breakbeat and chillout in his initial compositions. He soon discovered his passion for straight rhythms and German deep-house-inspired arrangements integrating different elements of dub and ambient. 

His debut on Plastic City, Space Between Us, showcases Forteba's take on house music in its many forms. Rather than simple superficial sounds, Forteba dives deep into the emotions of his listeners with his warm, versatile, and excellent tracks. Space Between Us will take you on a journey of vast soundscapes to minimalistic, soulful beats and deep floorburners. 

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