Soft Rock Summer




One of Australia’s most enigmatic singer songwriter / producers Surahn has worked on US No#1 Albums with Usher and played in Iconic band Empire Of The Sun for 7 years. He is a founder of cult instrumental disco act The Swiss and has toured as a guest vocalist for Flight Facilities’s, Hayden James and written songs for Kimbra, WhatSoNot and many others.

It was hot. The sun was piecing through the drivers side window, turning his cheek pink as he drove onward towards the sea. The road ahead was completely empty. South Australia has a mysteriously vacant and magnetic mood out along It’s shore-line highways. A light breeze brought the mythical scent of summer. Driving is one of the greatest moments for any album to come to life. Listening in the car allows one to indulge in a dreamy auto pilot of nostalgia. Euphoric moments flash past, forest walks, nights at the disco, when a different kind of light as the sun now flickering across his face seemed to cast spells and when the promises of good times had no end.

The little valley town was now approaching. He slowly rolled passed the one silent cafe next to the old post office coming to rest in an empty car park. Down at the waters edge near the jetty, the sun was quiet now. It was time for it to duck behind the clouds and head to bed. Collecting his thoughts , he disembarked the old ute but not taking too long as to miss the sun setting behind the cliffs. He meandered up the old jetty to the very end and stared out into the horizon.


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