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Collection is the Fat Possum debut of Soccer Mommy, the solo project of singer/songwriter/guitarist Sophie Allison. So titled because it gathers select songs from prior Bandcamp releases as well as a couple of previously unreleased tunes, all of the tracks included were newly recorded for the album. While Allison's introspective, guitar-centric songcraft carries a certain intimate, lo-fi quality, much of the material here falls on the more expansive end of expectations for the style. With guests on bass, drums, and additional guitar fleshing out a hazy indie rock, it makes for an ultimately breezy, charming set with subject matter that's full of regret and heartache but doesn't seem shallow. "Death by Chocolate," for instance, opens with rich, extended chords across guitar, melodic keys, and background vocals before she describes her crush, sitting by her on the bus and smelling "like cigarettes and how chocolate tastes/It makes me wanna die, but I guess I can wait." Still a teenager (and NYU student) at the time of its release, much of the album was written as a high-schooler, a fact that both explains some of the lyrics and makes others seem downright precocious. The more melancholy "3 AM at a Party" sleepily confesses to the heartache of unreciprocated love ("I wish we had chances to talk like this a little more often"), while the brighter "Benadryl Dreams" is more happily infatuated ("You've been spending all your time/Living on the backside of my eyes/Sleeping pills won't clear my mind no way"). A brief teaser with only eight tracks that last less than half an hour, it's enough to make the promise of the young Nashville native evident.

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