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Snowy Band’s debut release “Audio Commentary” has just been released. It was RRR, PBS, SYN and FBI album of the week! Here’s some more about the album.

Liam ‘Snowy’ Halliwell has been one of Melbourne’s busiest musicians over the past decade. He’s written and played on more songs and in more bands in Melbourne, than anyone would care to write or read, however his new project SB (Snowy Band) might be his finest and most sincere work to date.

Self-produced and self-recorded, ‘Audio Commentary’ the new LP from SB, is a work that see’s Halliwell’s song writing at its most refined. Perfectly matching the heartbreakingly sincere lyrical content, with beautifully crafted, spacious instrumental arrangements and ethereal vocal interplay, ‘Audio Commentary’ is an emotive record that’s entirely captivating.

To pull the project together, Halliwell enlisted the help of friends Emma Russack, Nat Pavlovic (Dianas) & Dylan Young (Way Dynamic), each of whom bring a complimentary piece to the band, both recorded and live.

The lead single is ‘Love You To Death’, a song that according to Halliwell is “A song addressing the elusive explanation of unconditional love. An ode to enduring friendships, life-long bonds calcified over time and distance”. It captures the delicate harmonies and sparse instrumental interplay, that characterises SB’s live performance.

Of the recording process, Halliwell says:

“I wanted to deliberately use different instrumentation and arrangements than I had in the past. The whole catalyst for writing the songs came from this particular nylon string guitar, I knew I wanted it to be the sound at the core of the album, but I wanted to make anything but an “acoustic album”.  The inspiration for the album was always that I wanted it to sound like the band, not a solo project that I had laboured over. Most of the music on the album is first or second takes. There’s a wobbliness and looseness to it that I wanted to keep and ignore my usual inclination to iron-out any ‘imperfections’.

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