You Can't Go Out Like That `

Slag Queens ‎SKU: RSKYR 019



Ten songs about life in Tasmania, conflict and survival under late capitalism, and slagging off your boyfriends, girlfriends and queer pals. It’s a document of Tasmanian post-punk band Slag Queens' unique and considerably diverse sound as it’s developed over the last two years; from punchy dark post- punk tracks like ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Flowers’, to sincere power ballad ‘Wear This 4 U’, and catchy dance jam of Real 1.

But it hasn’t been an easy journey for the band to reach this point. Despite strapping some hard-earned wins under their belts in 2018 with two well-received singles, Lena and Waterfall, and securing a highly-competitive Australian Council of the Arts grant, Slag Queens has hobbled into 2019 bearing the scars of significant conflict within the band and Tasmania’s tight-knit music community. The experience of making this record has called into question the band’s ethics; asking what it means to hold strong feminist and anti-racist values in a small community within the context of #metoo and online call-out culture.

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