A Dream Deferred

SkyzooSKU: SKY001



Coming hot off his mixtape The Penny Freestyle Series, Skyzoo's official 2012 album builds on all the power and grace of the Brooklyn rapper's early work while adding just a bit of polish, but certainly not too much. Literate and with a natural backpacker flow, Skyzoo rides a superior 9th Wonder production on the key cut "Jansport Strings," a loving tribute to his hero Chi-Ali with a promise to always keep it positive and real. Talib Kweli joins Skyzoo for the album's other major tribute, "Spike Lee Was My Hero," while guest shots from Jill Scott and Freeway are choice, both offering a chemistry with their host that's even better than expected. Black MilkDJ Khalil, and Tall Black Guy supply the crafted beats, but it's Illmind who becomes the album's MVP (Most Valuable Producer), turning in four tracks of prime future soul including the massive "Pockets Full," which just may make the listener feel as such. 

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