Sings Dylan (The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert)

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Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert is a live album by American singer-songwriter Cat Power, released on November 10, 2023, through Domino Recording Company.

Held at the Manchester Free Trade Hall in May 1966—but long known as the “Royal Albert Hall Concert” due to a mislabeled bootleg—the original performance saw Bob Dylan switching from acoustic to electric midway through the show, drawing ire from an audience of folk purists and forever altering the course of rock-and-roll. In her own rendition of that historic night, the artist otherwise known as Chan Marshall inhabited each song with equal parts conviction and grace and a palpable sense of protectiveness, ultimately transposing the anarchic tension of Dylan’s set with a warm and luminous joy.

Now captured on the live album Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert, Marshall’s spellbinding performance both lovingly honours her hero’s imprint on history and brings a stunning new vitality to many of his most revered songs.

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