Singles Collection Volume 3

Thee Oh SeesSKU: CF-030



It's no secret that John Dwyer and Thee Oh Sees put out a ton of stuff. We're not just talking full lengths, of which there are many, and recently…but the singles, splits, comps even books - the dude cooks in many kitchens but the sauce is always tasty - and we're proud to continue our tradition of occasionally corralling these rarer gems all at once in a convenient LP format.

If you already have all these songs from the first pressings, you must be a seriously insane collector (even I don't), but we've even included an unreleased and mutated live version of "Block Of Ice" recorded to tape at San Francisco den of iniquity "The Eagle" to sweeten the deal. We've also done our darndest to dandy up the bunch and make it a party - they're printed on a blinding silver foil jacket with incredible tritone all-original artwork by Shalo P, of course the tunes have been gussied up ever-so-slightly to knock you nightly.

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