Made Man

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Once No Limit was thrust into the spotlight, the label began to churn out albums even faster than they did before Master P was a superstar -- which is really saying something, since the soldiers usually took about a year to ready a new record. The new cycle apparently dictated that a year was the maximum between albums, if the rapid appearance of Silkk the Shocker's third album Made Man is any indication. Released less than a year after Charge it 2 Da Game -- which in itself was one of the No Limit classics (of course, that's on the No Limit scale, not a hip-hop scale) -- Made Man illustrates the perils of such an approach. No Limit records are notorious for their recycling, cheapness and tedium, and the shorter release cycle accentuates these shortcomings. It follows the formula exactly, piling on the cameos, photocopied basslines and appropriated rhythms, all in an attempt to approximate the sound of the streets. To a certain extent it works, since it never takes chances and delivers what the audience wants, but naysayers will wonder if even the hardcore fans aren't getting sick of all No Limit albums sounding identical by now.

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