Shadows and Shinings

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Multi ARIA-award winning Perth emcee Drapht returns with his new album Shadows & Shinings.

Recorded in his home studio in Perth, mixed by Andy Lawson and mastered by King Willy Sound, the new album Shadows and Shinings is a 15-track adventure through the human psyche, contemplative and deep, but still full to bursting with addictive beats and clever production. Drapht explains, “The album cover art is an illustration (drawn by Travis Price) of my childhood home, and the title Shadows and Shinings is a metaphor that represents all of the lightest and darkest times within my life while making it, from the birth of my daughter, to having another relationship break down… From reflecting on the success of my career in the industry, to the struggles with my mental health that also came with it. The theme originally started out from a line in one of my favourite books – Man’s Search For Meaning, ‘Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.


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