Shamir - Ratchet


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Although Shamir's Northtown EP made him one to watch, it was his single "On the Regular," a witty, charismatic, and almost unclassifiable mix of pop, dance, and hip-hop that truly put him on the map. It's also his only previously released music to appear on his debut album Ratchet, and it's still his defining moment. Full of dazzling wordplay as well as gloriously cheap-sounding keyboards and a cowbell that might as well be tapping out "fun" in Morse code, it's a bold statement of purpose. The rest of Ratchet is just as vibrant and charming, with Shamir taking what made that song so great in different directions. A similarly irresistible pulse drives the disco-house excursion "Hot Mess," while "Demon" emphasizes his songwriting skills as he sketches out a Bonnie and Clyde-like relationship with sweetly twisted lyrics like "you're the trap that captured me."