The Gospel Of The God Spell

Ras GSKU: SCM118



Ras_G keeps the freak flame burning for House Shoes’ Street Corner Music, serving a stoned chop and splice session generated from the gospel section at the “WreckaStow” where he works (and smokes big blunts) in LA.

As loosely raw, tripped as anything else from his smoky echo chamber, The Gospel of The God Spell gives it up to the big one in the sky (any of ‘em, take your pick) with a thoroughly enjoyable session of MPC-sawn samples looped up and embedded in heavy shag ferric noise. 

For us, it’s like the equivalent of some install-copped moonrocks imported from the West Coast; an intoxicating dose of sun (and halogen) fuelled rudeness that you huff up and let it get in your eyes, up the bones, probably bringing you into close contact with your sofa or the nearest bit of grass.

With Dilla departed and Madlib effectively AWOL, this is your best, and maybe only, a spot for this ruff cut quality of sound right now.

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