Randy Randall - Sound Field Volume One

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The Daydreamer’s Soundtrack

Multi-instrumentalist and member of noise rock duo No Age, Randy Randall introduces a softer, dreamier sound on his new debut album Sound Field Volume One. The spacious and atmospheric record demands a self-navigated trip through nostalgia. Randall’s sound seems to mimic his visual perception of real art, and the record’s full-blown guitar effects and slow-paced melodies establish truly trancelike states of mind.

Each song has two parts to its entirety, and though some parts can feel a bit repetitive, each half distinguishes Randall’s overall vibe quite well. “Desert Sunrise Pt. 1” features some stereo clicks in both ears as dream-pop pads linger in the track’s background. Relaxing and almost therapeutic, the richness and depth within the production seem as good as if it were being played on vinyl. “Desert Sunrise Pt. 2” continues with some nice Brian Eno and Robin Guthrie inspired guitar chords seared in pedal effects. Peacefully building in fuzzy static tones, the track is introspective as it places you in an absolute daze.

“Suburban Morning Pt. 1” and “Pt.  2” rise a bit in energy as joyous, rich and watery keys and guitars are slowly brought into the fold. Randall’s overall sonic-self feeds off these warm and mysterious sounds with ease. This alluring, yet beautiful pairing of personality and sound is reminiscent to the score of a Sofia Coppola flick. “City Noon Pt. 1” fades in with some airy, breathy pads as Randall beautifully progresses in harmonious patterns. “City Noon Pt. 2” then changes the mood with a warping intro of detuned pads and a machine like fuzz in the back that finally creates a promising dash of tempo.

The final set of songs soothingly finish off the record. “Shore Sunset Pt.1” has shiny, ambient tones that are perhaps a bit dark and uninviting at first, however, are then softened by blissful pads. Wavy and nostalgic, “Shore Sunset Pt. 2” finishes the record off with detuned guitars and some monotone breaks for thinking.

Randall is quite the established musician, and Sound Field Volume One sweetly succeeds in making music become art. Let’s hope there is more of this to come in Randall’s future. - INES LALONDE

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