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**Ltd edition clear vinyl**

After much public pressure, the band formerly known as Viet Cong changed their name to Preoccupations. The self -titled Preoccupations LP marks the follow-up to the band's 2015 Polaris Music Prize shortlisted debut effort Viet Cong, and arose from a volatile time in the personal lives of the group members Matt Flegel, Danny Christiansen, Scott Munro and Mike Wallace. Relationships ended, multiple band members moved away from their former home base of Calgary, and, you know, the whole name debacle. Despite the chaos and lack of a central theme, producer Graham Walsh helped the band craft a new record that, according to a press release, "bears the visceral, personal sound of holding onto some steadiness in the midst of changing everything." Flegel addressed the blunt, un-euphemistic song titles found on the record, which are listed in full below. "'Monotony' is a dead end job; 'Anxiety' is changing as a band," he said. "'Memory' is watching someone lose their mind; 'Fever' is comforting someone. It's all drawing from very specific things."

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