Positive Spin

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Gretta Ray's sophomore album, Positive Spin, is an infectious and optimistic collection of classic pop songs that showcase the artist's growth as both a songwriter and performer.

The album builds on the energy and melodic highs of her debut, capturing a new layer of complexity that resonates with confidence, reflection, and grace. The beats are electrifying, and the vocals soar, lifting the listener up with pop-coated moments that are both playful and emotive.

Collaborating with a number of producers and songwriters, including Alex Hope, Evan Klar, Hailey Collier, Justin Hayward-Young, Caroline Pennell, Gab Strum, Robby De Sa, Hamish Patrick, and Josh Barber, Positive Spin’s production strikes a delicate balance, blending textured layers of sound without feeling too busy. Positive Spin extends and refines the work of the artist, making it her best and most honest work yet.

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