Pocket Music

Tatsuro YamashitaSKU: MOON-28033



SLEEVE: NM-  MEDIA: NM   YEAR: 1986   ORIGIN: Japan   EXTRAS: Obi with insert

Pocket Music marks a vital point in Yamashita's career: his shift from analog to digital gear with its larger possibilities and challenges. After a long recording and production process, the album emerged as a prototype, refined in later releases. With his freedom to experiment, encouraged by signing to Moon Records, Yamashita pursued consistency, building polished arrangements with many layers. Kenji Omura, Hiroshi Sato and RVC/RCA members assisted, while Tatsuro handled most of the backing vocals. Synchronous melodies, reminiscent of Sugar Babe/Spacy, featured prominently in the tracks. Notable highlights include summery "Mermaid," powerful "The War Song," and the title track's dynamic arrangements. Though not perfect, the album's love, joy, and determination are worth hearing.

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