Clear (Used)

PlyersSKU: TRT009



**Used - S/M M/M**

**Limited to 250 copies on 140gm Ultra Clear Vinyl**

Plyers’ Clear is one of the best punishments you’ll have all year. This record is an unapologetic deliverance of chaotic, perplexing and freakish noise-rock, with a heavy emphasis on noise. With all the dizzying ruckus that occurs, Plyers really step up to the plate with their dynamic sensibility, raw musicianship, and wildly adventurous sounds.

 Kicking things off is Microwave; a ten-minute tension-builder interspersed with amp and underpinned by a didgeridoo-sounding drone, gradually bringing in dissonant guitars and steady percussion to the fold. The freeform style of this track feels like watching a drum circle of noise musicians. Without skipping a beat, we’re transitioned into Healer, a track which provides visceral noise-punk and pummelling sludge-metal, followed by an ominous mantra over some eerily soft instrumentation. The track eventually pacifies and closes with a casually strummed acoustic guitar and finger-picked noodling. It’s a wild ride, and one that Plyers executes perfectly.

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