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Planet of the 8s is an alternative hard rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. Heavy in parts, ass-shakingly groovy when it counts, the music draws influence from classic and modern exponents of the psychedelic side of rock n roll: from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Cream through to Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Queens of the Stone Age.

The sound is best measured in terms of girth which, for a three piece, is substantial, featuring fuzzed out, overdriven, down-tuned guitars and over-sized drums. The music is both in-your-face and subtle in equal measures, with earthy, melodic vocals set against tasteful lead guitar over a tight-as-fuck rhythm section.

Formed in March 2015, Planet of the 8s is Michael “Sullo” Sullivan (bass/vocals), Justin “JC” Cruickshank (guitar/backing vocals), and Pete Carter (drums/backing vocals). Since then they’ve developed a substantial catalogue of tracks, honed their eye-wateringly thick sound, and amalgamated the various influences into their own unique brand of desert/stoner rock.

Between the three members, their shared love of the genre is evident on first listen; it transcends the music, embracing the near-mythological ethos at the heart of its genesis in the Californian desert in the 1990s. Bass player and lead vocalist Sullo sums it up best, “There’s an energy and connectivity that we feel with desert/stoner rock music, it’s not pretentious, it’s not glamorous, it’s real earthy and there’s a lot of groove and intensity to it. You can hear it and feel connected to it and get lost in it.”

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