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Peak Twins sounds and feels loose and casual, but with a real sense of focus, as if Liam  Kenny and Joel  Carey know just what they're shooting for and how to get it, even if they're a little loopy and tired at the moment. The pace on Peak Twins is deliberate, and the arrangements are spare, dominated by the droning strum of Kenny 's guitars and the slightly dour but resonant vocals from Carey , with drums and occasional keys and backing vocals drifting over the horizon when the song calls for it, and the effect is lazy but powerful. Peak Twins sounds too clean to be lo-fi and too modest to be shoegaze, but there are elements of both styles audible in these songs, given the purposefully simple approach of the melodies and performances, and the way the minimalist guitar figures build into something massive on "Divine Nature." Ultimately, this is a splendid example of the sort of record that works best at 2 a.m.

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