Deaf Wish - Pain


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Listening to Pain, the fourth full-length album from Melbourne, Australia noise merchants Deaf Wish, the influences are immediate. Plenty of Sonic Youth, some Live Skull, a few cuts from Hüsker Dü and The Wipers, a dash of Minutemen, and a little Big Black for seasoning. Guitarists Sarah Hardiman and Jensen Tjhung are a potent tag team, conjuring clouds of fuzzy noise or volleys of single-note shrapnel at will, and their vocals are similarly effective, advancing from mysterioso whispering to full-strength lunatic bellowing as their dynamics require. Bassist Nick Pratt and drummer Daniel Twomey add strength and velocity to the hail of guitar sounds, holding the songs in place as their incessant flail keeps these tunes charging toward their destinations. And though Deaf Wish appear to write songs primarily as a vehicle to structure the abuse meted out to their instruments, the aural architecture of these ten songs is pretty impressive.

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