Methyl Ethyl - Oh Inhuman Spectacle


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Singer songwriter Jake Webb’s voice glides through the album with a haunting fragility and powerful vocal range, that at times sounds delicately effeminate. His voice changes so vastly that is sounds like the album features two lead vocalists, transitioning from sweet and painful crooning, to a more masculine, rock-pop tone similar to that of Arcade Fire. Described as an “outlet for his adventures in reverb soaked home recording,” Jake Webb’s Oh Inhuman Spectacle is an eclectic mix of classic past styles and futuristic experiments, taking you on a journey that is as vast as it is wonderfully strange. This is an album to listen to when you don’t know quite how you feel, featuring instruments and sounds varying from an African sounding flute, classic indie-pop guitar, to recordings of what sounds like backyard conversation. The songs carry a common theme of at times sounding cheerful but eerily feeling as if something is not quite right. 

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