Nem Kaldı (12" EP)



Brand new Anatolian psych-pop sensation !

4 heart-melting gems where Turkish Folk meets groove and electric action! Young singer/multi-instrumentalist Derya Yıldırım teams up with fantastic drummer Greta Eacott (G-Bop Orchestra / One-Take records) and 3 quarters of Catapulte Records' Orchestre du Montplaisant (Antonin Voyant, Graham Mushnik, Andrea Piro).

With members originating from Turkey, Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain, Grup Şimşek (pronounce " Shimshek ") encapsulates the Outernational generation. Their debut EP kicks off with legendary Aşık Mahzuni Şerif's Nem Kaldı, a groovy lament with killer melodyline, where saz and synth wave through a stream of wah-wah guitar arpeggios.

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