Silver & Gold

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This record demands a room full of quiet and your undivided attention. Listen to it any other way and you may be disappointed, even bored, by it. And that will be your hard luck, because Silver and Gold is Neil Young at his hushed, acoustic best: simple, romantic, direct.

It is also the kind of intimacy that can easily be mistaken for mere banality or creative drought: spidery picking; low, soft vocals; plain, even austere verse. The opening number, "Good to See You," largely consists of the title phrase repeated a dozen times, the only punctuative color coming from Young's asthmatic-ranch-hand harmonica and the discreet meowing of Ben Keith's pedal steel guitar. An exquisite country-soul rhythm section plays behind Young on most of the album -- drummers Jim Keltner and Oscar Butterworth, pianist-organist Spooner Oldham and bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn.

Their contributions, however, are so spare and atmospheric that the notes blow through the songs like Zen-Stax vapor: dusty snare-drum shuffles, sprinkles of saloon piano, the pioneer-chapel wheeze of Oldham's pump organ.

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