Bad Luck Party

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‘Bad Lucky Party’ is the audible personification for the birth of a chaotic entity which is progressively maturing, and ultimately, finding its place in a world as distorted and ambivalent as the forces that control it.

Miss June are a four-piece from Auckland who are purveyors of the noisy-punk movement. Their debut EP found frontwoman Annabel Liddell being placed as the voice for a generation of young females, through her feminist lyrics and no-nonsense attitude. Now, four years later, it feels as though ‘Bad Luck Party’ a continuation on the theme and a celebration of confidence and strength. Littered throughout the album is a kind of rage and nervousness in claiming empowerment that seethes beneath biting riffs.

Miss June fleet between influences such as Sonic Youth, Hole, Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. Liddell channels her best Kathleen Hanna for moments in ‘Two Hits’ and ‘Please Waste My Time’ with the shrill, fast-paced, punchy vocal delivery; but it’s in the softer elements of ‘Orchid’ and ‘Double Negative’ that she truly shines. There’s a haziness to describing the experiences of being an underdog, and the person who is always abused and taken for granted, in ‘Orchid’ which eventually rips into searing guitar, and eager vocals that borderline moans on yearning. 

If ‘Bad Luck Party’ can be split into two things, then it is the all-too-human experiences of rage that stems from the frustration of being a person who find themselves disadvantaged based on circumstances out of their control; and the softness that comes from encountering warmth from another person, no matter how short it may last. ‘Anomaly’ comes across as a supernova that explores the lust of a fleeting encounter which is intense at first, but dies out quite quickly. The fun of this, is that the song actually transpires in the reverse. Miss June have released a debut that is personal, relatable, and filled with bangers no matter what mood you may be in. - Tyler Damara Kelly

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