Miami Memory

Alex CameronSKU: SC378



Australian singer/songwriter Alex Cameron developed a persona of the same name over the course of several albums of dark, depraved narratives set to '80s-modeled synth pop. Listening closely to the raw tales Cameron spun in his songs was a wild ride. At times you could almost smell the cheap cologne as he sang about sleazy after-hours scenes, Internet romance, and the general bleakness and failures of his self-named character. With third album Miami Memory, Cameron doesn't dial back the depraved nature of his lyrics, but he pushes them to new places as they evolve to explore divorce, sex workers, parenthood, and other surprisingly mature themes. Foxygen's Jonathan Rado returns as producer, fresh off his own band's Springsteen/Eddie Money-modeled album Seeing Other People with a wealth of 1986 FM rock magic to sprinkle on the album. 

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