Ice Cream Man

Master PSKU: B0026454-01



'Ice Cream Man' is the 5th studio album by rapper Master P and his first brush with mainstream fame. The titular single, 'Mr. Ice Cream Man' was his first, and drew lots of attention to him and his label, No Limit Records, in turn making 'Ice Cream Man' his first platinum release. Also his first release to feature Beats by the Pound (his production stable included KLC, Mo B. Dick, DJ Daryl, Carlos Stephens, Ken Franklin and Craig B), 'Ice Cream Man' set up Master P for his follow up record, 'Ghetto D' in 1997, which would further catapult him to stardom. Reissued in 2005, 'Ice Cream Man' remains one of Master P's most significant records, and is a must own for fans of No Limit Records, Master P, or the underground rap he pioneered in the late 1990s.

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