Pyramid Of The Sun

MaseratiSKU: TRR 172



Like fellow post-instrumental bands named after sports cars (Delorean and Trans Am, for instance), Maserati makes galloping instrumentals that are atmospheric but punchy. The band recorded Pyramid of the Sun over the course of 2009 and 2010, using vintage gear like Moog keyboards and Roland Space Echoes to give it an authentic space rock sound. A straight play, from start to end, the album thrives on the hypnotic rhythmic drive of Krautrockers like Neu!, with bulky synth riffs that make many of the songs sound like the intro to Van Halen’s version of "Dancing in the Streets," or Jan Hammer’s "Theme from Miami Vice," only beefed up, elongated, and entangled in guitar delays. It’s the kind of music that seems perfect for a soundtrack, or better yet, a car commercial.

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