Kayobi No Onna

Masahiko SatohSKU: MITSUKO004



**Limited Edition Only 500 Pressed**

A golden era gem from the master himself.

Archival reissue of long lost treasure from genius pianist and composer Masahiko Sato whose resume includes hundreds of legendary albums and collaborations with Midori Takada (Lunar Cruise and Ton•Klami) among many others.

Very rare soundtrack of a 9-episode suspense drama that aired on TV in 1969 and 1970. Filled with exquisite jazz, soul-jazz, folk-jazz, and mystery-jazz, plus groovy affairs, classical moods, and 70s flair.

Highly recommended to Japanese jazz collectors, soundtrack collectors, Masahiko Sato collectors, lovers of rare gems and wearers of vintage trench coats.


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