Rock 'n Roll Holiday: Live In Atlanta 8.1994

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Through most of their existence, "subtle" was a word rarely used to describe the gloriously messed-up attack of Memphis roots punks the Oblivians, but they never sounded quite so frantic and hot-wired than they did on this live album, recorded during a feedback-laden 1994 show that found the band opening for like-minded maniacs the Woggles and the Mono Men. Rock 'n Roll Holiday is one 45-minute, slightly hissy blast of cheap guitars pummeled into submission; drums beaten senseless; and hoarse bleatings about sex, violence, and various forms of anti-social behavior, punctuated by the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd, occasional pauses to right faulty equipment, and pleas for fans to purchase some of the group's many recordings. Which is to say, if you don't like your rock & roll in its raw, crude form, then you probably don't want to hear this. On the other hand, if the above description sounds like your idea of a good time, may I suggest putting this on your shopping list pronto. One sticking point: I know it's kinda dumb to single out bad taste on an album with tunes like "Plate in My Head," "And Then I Fucked Her," and " "Motorcycle Leather Boy," but three Lightnin' Hopkins and Slim Harpo fans really ought to know better than to call a song "Nigger Rich." Past that, if you're looking for the right kind of trash, the Oblivians serve it up hot and fresh on Rock 'n Roll Holiday, and you might want to pick it up before it disappears for a second time.

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