14 Steps To A Better You

Lime CordialeSKU: CHGV020



On Lime Cordiale’s 2017 debut ‘Permanent Vacation’, the Sydney duo had escapism on their minds: a flurry of growing pains, lofty ambitions and the belief that there was something better in store for them left them wanting to flee their mundane everyday. Luckily, they didn’t need to wait for long, and the next three years were full of chaotic, joyous live shows around the globe.

Rather than chasing more of the same, on ‘14 Steps To A Better You’ Oli and Louis Leimbach compile a scrapbook of lessons learnt and hearts broken. It’s more refined, more considered but still inspires excitement at every starry-eyed turn. By reimagining self-help books – with a smirk – they put power in the hands of the listener.


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