La Noche De Los Dioses

Tino ContrerasSKU: BWOOD0239LP



From Mexico’s most established and prolific jazz musician, Brownswood Recordings is proud to present the new album from Tino Contreras, La Noche de los Dioses. Here, Tino Contreras presents a sonic gift; a kaleidoscope of evolving and shifting spiritual rumination about life and humanity. His new work features seven new recordings, contemporary jazz themes oscillating with 3/4 rhythms - written and recorded in Mexico City, 2020.

The love, beauty and challenges found within human connection are turned inside out through Contreras’ oscillating musical landscape; the drummer and jazz legend has melded his life of playing drums and composing music into a (another!) avant-garde experiment; a celestial reflection of the universe that we call home.

A second unfolding in the relationship between Gilles Peterson, Tino Contreras and musician and record collector Carlos Icaza, the LP was carved out by Contreras this year, following on from the reissue of Musica Infinita on Arc Records. Peterson first picked up a copy of Musica Infinita by Tino Contreras in Japan and in a serendipitous moment met Contreras back in 2019 in Mexico City, igniting the spark that led to the reissue and now to a new album on both of Peterson’s imprints. Contreras is joined by a host of musicians including his son, Valentino Contreras, on bass and Icaza on harmonic arps and pre-Hispanic percussion.

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