Like A Baby

Jerry PaperSKU: STH2401LP



Toon Time Raw! marked Jerry Paper's transition from an awkward, semi-ironic bedroom pop musician to an accomplished conceptual artist with a smooth, expressive voice and surrealist, thought-provoking lyrics. Trading his garish MIDI instrumentation for a proper backing band (namely BadBadNotGood, performing incognito as Easy Feelings Unlimited) proved to be a wise move which couldn't have come soon enough. Like a Baby is Paper's first album for Stones Throw, and was co-produced by BBNG's Matty Tavares, with guest backing vocals and instrumentation from Weyes BloodCharlotte Day Wilson, and Mild High Club's Alex Brettin. The songs are easygoing and funky, with bubbly keyboards and creamy vocals which melt into arrangements seemingly designed to distract the listener from paying attention to the lyrics, which express the anxiety of living in modern society. Over the slow, stiff funk of "Did I Buy It?," Paper states that apocalypse was imminent from the beginning before asking "Did I buy it, or was it sold to me?," and he further ponders his impulses to spend on songs like "Commercial Break" and "My God." The album ends with "More Bad News," a subdued acoustic strummer about constantly attempting to escape the endless barrage of media ("I left my phone at home, it feels healthier"). Jerry Paper still seems like an alien trapped in a human body, doing his best to blend in with a society which he has trouble understanding. He's closer to being more normal than ever, but somehow that makes him seem even stranger.

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