Parkway Drive - Ire (2LP) (Red Vinyl)

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2LP Red Vinyl edition with Side D Etching.
Parkway Drive have long proven themselves to be an international force for the continued betterment of the hard rock and metal music scenes. Having first risen through the ranks of their native Australia, the five-piece quickly earned a global following with their unique brand of unabashed brutality, with vocalist Winston McCall pouring his life through the microphone. Ire, the fifth album in the band’s growing catalog, is exactly the release Parkway Drive needed at this point in their career. It’s a bold and brash reinvention that finds the band taking every element of their sound to a new level, including the vocals of McCall. Epitaph reportedly invested in a talent coach to help the frontman better his talent, and the results are present on every minute of Ire. The music has matured further as well, bringing together elements of rock, metal, punk and just a dash of everything in between to create a tough, yet inviting sound. “Bottom Feeder,” for example, offers both the heaviest and catchiest song on the record. When McCall urges listeners to “Snap your neck to this” ahead of the song’s bridge the only choice you have is to comply. It’s that good.

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