Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age

BroadcastSKU: WARPLP189R



Broadcast's more esoteric side is heightened by the Focus Group, whose Ghost Box label is ground zero for the evocatively named hauntology micro-genre, which digs deep into vintage electronics and notions of what people thought the future would be like - two things Broadcast have always done, even if they're not explicitly part of the hauntology crowd. ...Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age's highly detailed, evocative miniatures replace Tender Buttons' stark clarity with softly busy collages full of literal and figurative layers. It's not surprising that Broadcast would imbue so much creativity into what other acts would consider a stopgap release, but this album is still unique in their body of work. Not so much a soundtrack to a film that was never made as it is music that demands images to accompany it, this is a welcome return after the four years of silence that followed Tender Buttons.

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