In The Past

WitchSKU: NA 5091-LP2



**Limited Edition, 'Malachite Green' coloured vinyl**

"Archival reissue of the garage-psych Zamrock masterpiece (1974). "Electrified by a diet of James Brown, the Stones and Deep Purple, Witch were the stadium-filling kings of 70s Zamrock." - Mojo"

Maybe the most mellow WITCH offering. First few songs are somewhat folk/bluesy in nature. The rest is kind of beat/garage sounding, but nothing as heavy as Introduction.

Still for me it’s a nice change, and when you look at WITCH through their overall discography you can’t help but appreciate their music. I have to say that they managed to stay consistent, while still offering a somewhat unique experience across each album.

Introduction was the garage album, Lazy Bones! the psychedelic offering, In the Past the folk/blues offering, Lukombo Vibes the progressive offering, there is also a hard rock/pop album and maybe the last decent offering from a rock perspective, and the two final albums are disco/soul in nature.

Highlights are “Young Lady,” “I Like The Way I Am” and “It’s Alright.” The rest is similar to Introduction with more of a twangy rural guitar this time as opposed to fuzz. Great stuff.

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