I'm gonna die with this frown on my face



Ruby Gill rose to prominence in 2018 with the independently released single ‘Your Mum’. The single came out a couple of years after Gill had moved to Melbourne from Johannesburg, South Africa, where she was born and raised. Gill has remained in Naarm, where she’s part of a wider music community that includes songwriters Angie McMahon, Maple Glider and Mimi Gilbert, as well as producer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Harvey (jade imagine).

Harvey produced Gill’s debut album, I’m gonna die with this frown on my face, on which Gill interrogates social norms and grapples with the pressures of living out one’s young adulthood on a burning planet amid a postcolonial, neoliberal shitheap. Ahead of a national album tour, Gill breaks down the album track by track.

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