I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do

These New South WhalesSKU: 3272710100



Produced by Jonathan Boulet of Party Dozen and ARSE, I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do is an unrelentingly catchy second outing from the group, swapping the darker palette of their debut for a sunnier sound with distorted but bright, clangy guitars and a driving rhythm section - a combination that’s more indebted to their post punk influences than ever.

Pushing themselves stylistically, the band display their refined musical chops and matured, concise songwriting, trading politics for more introspective and personal subject matters. In the short term, it’s a pivot that might come as a surprise. In the long term, it sets the Melbourne-based four-piece up for a future without horizons. Nevertheless, there’s an undeniable, unquenchable punk attitude that animates the record: short, fast, loud and raw music delivered with a snarl and a full heart.

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