Hosono Haruomi Compiled By Hoshino Gen (3LP)

Haruomi HosonoSKU: VIJL 60216



Marking 50 years of Haruomi Hosono's musical career, compilation by Hoshino Gen with tracks from Happy End, solo, YMO and many more. Hoshino. a marimba and guitar player, is a disciple of Hosono. His band, Sakerock (also featuring Hosono's current drummer Daichi Ito) were named after a Martin Denny song, and played exotica with elements of jazz, Latin and other styles in the 2000s. Hosono then released Hoshino's first albums on his Daisyworld label beginning in 2010. He was featured in the Night in Chinatown DVD/Blu-ray and they wrote a book together 'Chiheisen no Soudan' the cover a pastiche of Hosono's classic album Bon Voyage Co. 38 tracks on 3 LPs.

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