COLOUR: Pink Glass   EXTRAS: Limited Edition, alternate cover

Anohni's is the formerly known as Antony (Hegarty) from Anthony & The Johnsons.
Hopelessness jettisons the sweet orchestrations of The Johnsons. The delicate chamber pop melancholia has been replaced with dark brooding electronica from the laptops of Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke. As the title suggests, Anohni takes us on a bleak downward spiral that artfully juxtaposes the personal and the political without obviously veering into protest.

This album starts to characterise dark and troubled times in a way that most other artists simply avoid. Daddy observes our every move on Watch Me. The blue eyed soul of Execution wistfully sings of the governments that punish with death while Crisis confronts the sickening kind of war-torn violence we see on the news on a personal not political front.

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