I Lay Where You Lie



Lay yourself amidst a field of lush grass in the peak of summer as a light breeze rushes over you and that’s what Hannah Cameron’s album is. Beautifully textured with strings, percussion, the occasional horn laced amongst it all and of course, folky and mesmeric vocals of which tie each song together as more than an album, but a work of art.

The eight-track album is Cameron’s second full-length album, co-produced with multi-instrumentalist and long-time collaborator James Gilligan. Cameron’s lead single from the album, ‘No pen of mine’ received much grace by Rolling stone and receiving airplay on Double J, Triple J, ABC and local stations across the country… and there’s no question as to why. The track is soft and beautiful and exhibits an exquisite vocal range, accompanied by undemanding harmonies and embellishments in the background.

Whether you’re lying in bed, eating breakfast, or relentlessly scurrying through paperwork, this is an album that’s sure to leave you feeling calm and mesmerised by Cameron’s mind tingling magic. - Aine Keogh

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