Hang 'Em High / Stages & Lights

Sadat XSKU: 07863-64559-1



SLEEVE: NM   MEDIA: NM   YEAR: 1996   ORIGIN: US   EXTRAS: 12" Single, only pressing.

Hang ‘Em High – This was the album’s lead single. Fittingly, for an album titled Wild Cowboys, Ali Malek builds this backdrop around the iconic whistle from the theme music from the 1967 Clint Eastwood movie, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

Sadat X uses the Western movie mood to relate the historic Wild West to the modern streets of New York, and while he does a semi-passable job comparing the two worlds, I was more impressed by the music (even though it’s low hanging cliché fruit) and the rugged voice of D.V. Alias Khrist (who in ‘96 was seriously trying to make a run at becoming the East Coast Nate Dogg) on the hook.

Showbiz produced the B-side to the “Hang ‘Em High” single, Stages & Lights. Sadat uses Showbiz’s bouncy backdrop to spit more random rhymes, with the record’s ultimate theme being: whether on stage or in the streets, he’s the same Sadat.

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