Infinite Life!

Grayson GilmourSKU: FN538



Infinite Life! is the fifth offering from Wellington musician Grayson Gilmour. Enveloping listeners in sultry layers of vocals, smooth strings and intricate off kilter rhythms, Infinite Life! combines warm pop songs with experimental beats, textures and weird loops.

Following his 2010 album No Constellation, Grayson receded to underground bank vaults and windy atticsto record, before whittling his ideas into the 13 tracks. All the while Gilmour was piecing together film scores, touring overseas with his band So So Modern and attending the Red Bull Music Academy. Recent singles, Lichtung + Minus Times Infinity (the video for which was selected for the BBC Music Video Festival) give a hint of an album filled with both immediately catchy melodies along with odd sounds.

Stolen info from Flying Out. Too lazy to write anything. Its gold, buy it.

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