Good Days/Bad Days

Quality Used CarsSKU: SSR-016



**Limited to 150, includes a lyric book zine illustrated by Caleb Azeez**

Self-described as “an inconsequential member” of Squid Nebula, The Vacant Smiles and Millar Jukes, Francis Tait has spent the better part of the past decade as a regular face on the Melbourne live circuit, his different projects finding him striking up any combination of soul, jazz, blues, disco, psychedelia and surf rock over the years.

However, on his debut solo album Good Days/Bad Days, under his newly minted project Quality Used Cars, Francis dodges every aspect of his music history, to instead encapsulate the songwriting prowess he’d been shaping in the background for so long.

Characterised by an idiosyncratic, warbling vocal and a penchant for sticky hooks that refuse to overextend themselves, Good Days/Bad Days puts full focus on Francis’ charismatic storytelling, over a backdrop that blends sunny Australiana with alt-country tenderness and scrappy garage-pop smarts. It’s imaginative and incisive, yet completely modest - a collection of songs that feel as unassuming as they are instantly and joyously loveable.

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