Good Boy - Shirk Life


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Good Boy have released their scorching EP Shirk Life, a whip-smart, catchy-as-hell collection of songs that show a young band finding and questioning their place in the world. Until recently, Good Boy never thought of themselves as a political band but sometimes the times just force your hand. The EP’s first track ‘A Waste Of 122 Million Dollars (Taxpayer Funded)’ spits a self-explanatory message about the absurd and insulting marriage equality plebiscite. Similarly, ‘Fishing With A Shotgun’ and ‘Hell in a Handbasket’ see the with frustration about the seeming non-choice between neo-liberal, right-wing and conservative politicians. Stand-out track ‘1972 VW Superbug’ is a nostalgic sprawler which explores regional life via bored late-nights in their hometown of Bundaberg, Queensland. Never has “rum-city” been sung about with such romance and pathos. Meanwhile, the final track, ‘Majic Country’ is an ode to their new home of Fortitude Valley. Shirk Life will also be available on a limited edition 12″ vinyl, packaged as a double EP with their earlier standout EP Plum.

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