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With Fuzz, Ty Segall joins longtime friends and collaborators Charles Moothart and Roland Cosio to create a band deserving of its own entity status, channeling the (aptly) fuzzy guitar tones, tin-can drums, and saturated psychedelia of early-'70s proto-metal gods like Blue Cheer, the Groundhogs, and Jimi Hendrix. Segall, usually known for his guitar-wielding antics, actually makes an incredible showing as the drummer for Fuzz, still joining guitarist/vocalist Moothart with his distinctly sneery vocals. Were it not for the meeting of the pair's decidedly punkish unhinged voices, Fuzz would give no clues that punk, indie rock, or any non-heavy music after 1976 ever happened. With the exception of the fast-paced "Hazemaze," the songs here largely fall into an overblown swagger, with scuzzy distorted guitar tones, wailing witchy harmonies, and an elastic heaviness that owes most of its charm to the blueprints of Black Sabbath's classic first six albums.

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