Friends In Danger




COLOUR: Emergency Red  EXTRAS: Limited Edition

In early 1995, with the success of the Life Was Better EP creating a massive industry buzz around the band, Magic Dirt began writing their highly anticipated debut album, Friends In Danger. In addition, after much international record label attention, the band finally inked a deal with Warner Bros U.S.

But amid the dazzling momentum, the band were also faced with picking up the pieces after the departure of lead guitarist, Daniel Herring. Dave Thomas (Bored!), godfather of Geelong punk rock, who had managed the band in the early days, was then recruited. With their swag of newly sketched out songs, the band set up camp at Megaphon Studios in Sydney, with renowned producer Paul McKercher (The Cruel Sea, You Am I) to record to warm, analogue tape.

The band were keen to keep experimenting with sonic textures and to also, for the first time, capture their live sound with minimal overdubbing.

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