The Gun Club - Fire Of Love


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The Gun Club's debut Fire Of Love, is the watermark for all post-punk roots music. This features the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce's swamped-out brand of roiling rock, swaggerific hell-bound blues, and gothic country. With Pierce's wailing high lonesome slide guitar twinned with Ward Dotson's spine-shaking riffs and the solid yet off-the-rails rhythm section of bassist Rob Ritter and drummer Terry Graham, The Gun Club burst out of L.A. in the early '80s with a bone to pick and a mountain to move - and they accomplished both on their debut album. With awesome, stripped to the frame production by the Flesh Eaters' Chris D., Fire of Love blew away all expectations - and with good reason. Nobody has heard music like this before or since. Pierce's songs were rooted in his land of Texas. Razor-sharp country one-two shuffles, half-sung half-howled vocals relating to tales of voodoo, sex, dope, and death, songs choogles like freight trains coming undone in a twister. Here Black Flag, the Sex Pistols, Son House, and the coughing, hacking rambling ghost of Hank Williams all converge in a reckless mass of seething energy and nearly evil intent. Fire of Love may be just what the doctor ordered, but to cure or kill is anybody's guess.